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UFPI: Qualifying people, Transforming Piaui

The Federal University of Piauí began in the 1930s through the creation of the Law School. The academic dream had a new impulse in the 1950s with the creation of the School of Philosophy. The institution named UFPI, as we know, was formally created in November 1969 by means of a decree signed by the Federal Government. Thus, it started to operate on March 1st, 1971.

Thenceforth, UFPI became the most important center for promoting development in Piauí and the surrounding states, since it also works as a knowledge center for scholars from other states.

The numbers from the Universidade Federal do Piauí have shown a remarkable institutional growth in the latest years: the amount of undergraduate courses increased from 47 to 92, new post graduation programs were created, and the decentralization of scientific knowledge has been implemented through the strengthening of the campuses from the outback towns of Parnaíba, Picos, Floriano and Bom Jesus.

Indicators related to research at UFPI show the changes it has been through and the new strategic role the institution plays in a new dawn for the state of Piaui. Also revealing are the increment of new exchange programs with foreign universities and an extension policy that strengthen the relationship between UFPI and the society.


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